Retail on the Road



A historical tabletop game of dexterity finding new interest today as board game lovers seek to rediscover the past of game play.



PopUp Events…

An event at a new or existing business often is a great way to create excitement and draw in customers to your business. We have an existing customer base that loves to support local business owners. These customers tend to turn out for new shopping/dining experiences, especially when there are several business combined into one event.



Outdoor festivals remain one of the most popular shopping venues for customers. They appreciate the convenience of shopping multiple vendors in one location and being exposed to products not normally available in their area. Variety is the key to success with outdoor festivals and we strive to bring new products to every event we attend.


Community Events…

We understand that there are community members who may not be able to travel to retail stores. Some may be able to, but appreciate the convenience of not having to. A community event is a great way to allow members to come together and build the relationships that tend be lost in our modern world of online shopping.

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Learn To Play…

If you would like to learn how to play prior to purchasing you can download our Crokinole game rules right here!


Dealers Welcomed And Wanted

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